Apache website : SuExec user is set to #625, but the virtual server's UID is 506

Apache website : SuExec user is set to #625, but the virtual server’s UID is 506

i am getting the above error when i check virtual servers for errors.

need help with how do i correct this error on my server

Hmm, that’s an unusual issue… that suggests that the SuexecUserGroup line in the Apache VirtualHost block doesn’t match the user who owns the domain.

If that’s the case, suexec wouldn’t run properly for that domain.

Has anything changed recently with this Virtual Server?


let me try to explain how it happenned.

first, i was moving sites from one machine to another. in case of this particular virtual server, I had already created the userame and password ahead of time and when i importd from backup i got this error.

Has anything changed recently with this Virtual Server?
yes, the log files were different for this server and i corrected it manually.


Ah, that may explain the issue… Virtualmin may not have realized it needed to modify the VirtualHost block it had been using.

Assuming that’s the only issue, and that everything else is configured correctly, you may just need to edit the Apache VirtualHost section for this domain in your Apache config, and change the SuexecUserGroup line to use your new user’s UID and GID, rather than the one it’s currently setup to use.


SuexecUserGroup “#625” “#548

this is what i see in the apache directives for this particular server.

should i just change 625 and 548 to 506 then?
how do i find out uid and gid for a particular server?

The 625 is the UID, the 548 is the GID.

So you’d need to set those to the UID and GID of your Virtual Server owner for that domain.

You can get those by typing this on the command line:


The “id” command will return the uid and gid (amongst other things).


Thank you very much.

Thank you very much Eric. I recently started working with Virtualmin GPL and its a great product work with. Even I had above issue on my Server and after pointing to correct UID my website issue resolved.

Have a nice weekend


To fix that, first try to go to:

Virtualmin > Limits and Validation > Validate Virtual Servers

choose the domain/subdomain you want to check and click to verify

id you get the error that the UID is not correct than go to

Virtualmin > Services > Configure website > User and Groups

and correct the UID and Apply changes


Oh man, i lost 2 weeks of database because of this error. The server was not saving mysql database in cron tasks because of this priviledge errors. I did not saw this error after i hit re-check configuration, it changed User and Group unix users into root user and group. And after that i did not follow with validation of the specific server. And when i tried to backup entire virtual server from tmp cron savings, the database was empty. And lost data.
Although is not a bug, i highly recommend virtualmin developers to add specific route for the specific virtual server to get proper UNIX for that virtual server, no matter who try to use re-check configuration, if is the root of the webserver or owner of virtual server.
Me, as a root when i used re-checked configurations it added to all websites root unix to websites. It should not rewrite my unix priviledges.
If i would find this post i wouldn’t lose my databases.