apache website not loading for domain name only after virtualhost created in virtualmin - ssl and www works fine

Hey guys,

I’m having this weird issue that I’ve been unable to resolve for a week now after tons of reading on the forum, documentation and various places on the web for webmin, virtualmin and apache - I’m kinda new to apache config though so it could be something simple so here goes…

I’ve created a virtualhost with virtualmin for one of my domains on my VPS.
I added a test index.php to the public_html folder so I could test it to be working.

if I visit http://www.mydomain.com/ I see the contents of my website.
if I visit https://mydomain.com/ I see the contents of my website.
if I visit http://mydomain.com/index.php I see the contents of my website.
but if I visit http://domain.com/ (with no www) I get my apache’s default settings (I think), it redirects to my vps’s fqdn.

also I configured my template so admin.mydomain.com should redirect to virtualmin and webmail.mydomain.com should redirect to usermin but…
admin.allsparkly.com is not found by my ISP’s (BT UK) dns lookup and shows BT’s default “Website Not Found” page containing their logo etc…
and webmail.allsparkly.com is not found which shows Chrome’s ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED message. I deffo have usermin installed and tested that it’s working on port 20000.