Apache virtual server created differently for new domain

I just created a new virtual server, but could not get it to work correctly, restarted the server, but Apache did not start. I looked at the httpd.conf to look at the new server and noticed some differences between the new server and all the others. The new virtual server had the following in it:

ProxyPass /dav/ !

ProxyPassReverse /dav/ !

<Proxy *>

allow from all


I deleted these directives, saved httpd.conf and restarted apache. All seems to be running.

I wonder why these directives were created for the new server and why it stopped apache. Is this part of a recent upgrade?


Hmm, well, that’s a Proxying feature; Virtualmin shouldn’t have added those due to an update.

Is it possible that a user added it in?

For example, in Server Configuration -> Proxy Paths, you’d be able to add proxy’s like the above.

That said, it shouldn’t add something that prevents Apache from starting :slight_smile:

So that part may be a bug – you might consider pulling up the error message from the Apache error log, and filing a bug report.


No other users. I’m the only one.

Yes, I figured that any proxy directive should be placed in another location. I will look for the error and file a report.