apache Server unresponsive/experienceing bad lag issues

Hi, our server is either not responding requiring us (inside internal network) or customers from the external network to either request to view any web page3-4+ times or more before the server will display the webpage, and even then once it does it is generally very slow and some times stops responding, you have to put in the URL again and start over. any ideas how I can resolve this issue? Many thanks

restart a couple of things, read logfiles, check dns, hardware failures, zombie processes, bad scripts eating ram/cpu? I can go on with ideas…logs will probably tell you more.

I restart, and things are fine for a few minutes, but then things slow down again, I will check the apache logs, and see if they shed some light

That sounds like a bad script to me, anyone on your server installed something recently?

no, we havent’ installed anything recently, it was working perfectly, then all of a sudden it is now doing this, the only change was I installed a couple of php scripts, and they were running fine for several weeks

You can use tools like “top” to determine what exactly is eating up all your resources.

If one of your Virtual Servers is using a lot of resources, you could see that both in the process list, as well as the Virtualmin bandwidth statistics.

One you determine what Virtual Server is responsible for using up a lot of your resources, you can look at the access and error log to determine which script is doing it – and you can diagnose things from there.