apache server questions

While I am configuring sites with virtualmin, I am looking at what happens in the apache server section of webmin. If this is the incorrect forum, I will be happy to relocate this post.

Whoops: I should have told you: I am running a test server under ubuntu 14.04LTS, webmin 1.730, with virtualmin 4.13 gpl.

First question:

When I list out the existing virtual hosts, I see there is a default server. Is the default server just anything not defined in a virtualhost section, or in Apache configuration terminology: the main server?

Second Question:

it appears that after I installed virtualmin, that mod_php is still running php in the default server, whereas fastcgi is running php in the virtual hosts generated by virtualmin. Is that right?

Thank you for your time!



You can change which Virtual Server is the default by going into Server Configuration -> Website Options, and setting the “Default Website for IP Address” to “Yes”.

All your domains should run under FCGID by default, unless specified otherwise. You may want to double-check that in Server Configuration -> Website Options, the PHP Execution Mode is set to FCGID.



Thank you for your response!

I will go play with this shortly…