Apache redirect in Server Template

I am configuring a new server template. In the apache section, I have set the template to "Creating Redirect virtual host" when the system creates aliases. But after saving it, it always defaults to "Creating permanent Redirect virtual host".

Any idea why this happens?
How can it be fixed?

Thank you Joe and anyone else, who respond.

If you’re running the latest version of Virtualmin, that sounds like a bug. If Virtualmin doesn’t do what you clearly are telling it to do, that’s something that needs fixing rather than talked about. :wink:

So, make sure you’re running Virtualmin 3.56, and if so, file a bug and this problem will get fixed in 3.57.

Then it is a bug.

This is my config:

Operating system: CentOS Linux 5
Webmin version: 1.410
Virtualmin version: 3.56.gpl (GPL)

I will file the bug.