Apache Performance Directives

I’m looking to optimize performance and have studied it all out, but before I start touching httpd.conf directly, I just wanted to confirm that the following “Tweaks” to httpd.conf are not available in the GUI for WebMin.

Turn On Compression
Add Future Expires Header
Add Cache-Control Headers
Turn Off ETags
Remove Last-Modified Header

If am right, I will go head and work on the httpd.conf directly and then you can take this as a feature request for a future rev of WebMin to include these directives as options to touch via the Web Apache config GUI.

Web performance is the hot topic these days and some of the defaults in Apache are just wrong or totally absent.

You have to be a bit careful because if you start messing with Cache-Control and Last-Modified and you have Future Expires set to far future, you can end up with a situation where users never see anything new…

This would best be done in a GUI so that some web masters are less likely to shoot themselves in the foot. Of course the old rule of editing httpd.conf “if you don’t know what you are doing, then don’t touch it” is still a good one. But there lies the spirit of the Hacker deep inside the newbie and sometimes he just takes over!