Apache on another Host?

Hi there. Just curious if it is at all possible to have virtualmin control the configuration of apache on a remote host (remote webmin host?)

im trying to use virtualmin but i would like something that has the potential to scale once i move to a load balanced cluster (web, mail, dns)

Since i configure DNS via MySQL database (using the powerdns virtualmin plugin) that issue is solved. Mail and web are next in line and so far web is the main concern.

Any input is greatly appreciated


Hi Dayton,

This is something that is on the radar, for sure. As you’ve noted DNS is easy to “remote” onto another box (it can also be done using the Cluster Slave servers feature for BIND). We’ve just been discussing Postfix+LDAP in another thread, which would begin to address it for email, though not entirely. But web hasn’t yet been addressed at all.

You’ve rightly pointed out that there is a complete remote API that would work great for this feature, but it hasn’t gotten a lot of demand to date–I imagine because other features were more pressing. However, I suspect that now that Virtualmin Professional addresses almost every feature we’ve had requested (and pretty much has feature parity with cPanel) we’ll start getting more requests for scalability stuff like remote administration. Since we already have a solid remote API, it seems likely that we can make it happen without a huge amount of effort…I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the beginnings of it in a couple of months, though we are focused on expanding platform support at the moment (which has a lot of demand…everybody wants to run it on their favorite platform, and platform support for the whole system is actually a pretty large problem that takes a long time and a lot of effort to solve).

So, there you have it: Someday it will happen. :wink: