Apache + nginx as reverse proxy

Could anybody explain step by step how to setup nginx as reverse proxy for Apache under Virtualmin?

Reverse proxy should be used to serve static content - images (jpg, gif, png etc.)
Is it possible to setup nginx once and do nothing with it after adding new sites in Virtualmin?

Thanks in advance

Virtualmin currently doesn’t have support for Nginx; it’s possible to setup a reverse proxy with nginx (or any web server, for that matter), but you’d have to do so manually.

I’ll offer that support for Nginx is on the Virtualmin todo list. So at some point in the future when that’s available, you could configure your entire server to do that, if you like, all within the Virtualmin GUI.

I unfortunately don’t have a timeframe though, adding support for a new webserver is tricky; but Jamie is hot on the case :slight_smile:

In the meantime, perhaps someone with Nginx experience will offer some details on setting it up as a reverse proxy.


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+1 for Apache + nginx as reverse proxy
maybe a module that doing a job like that: http://nginxcp.com/about/

or a tutorial how can we setup nginx as reverse proxy to server “only” static files and let apache handle php files

+1 for Apache + nginx as reverse proxy.
Someone must be able to help now that virtualmin has full nginx support?

I’ve managed to do this manually, but I’m after a way to set up websites to do this automatically