Apache log rotation

  1. Is Apache log rotation in virtualmin set to 1 month?
  2. How do I change logs to be kept in one file instead of

To have just two files with combined logs for errors and access:


0 I think it’s weekly by default. You could check the crontab to see the schedule.

1 I don’t know how, and I really don’t think you’d want to do that. Log analysis would no longer work, as far as I know. And it’d be a lot harder to read when you’re looking for errors.

I think i found both of these options, it is in “Log Rotation” in Webmin. My opinion - it is not a good setup, also it is not that flexible - there is no way to make it different other than “daily, weekly or monthly”.
Sometimes people need to come back to the records which are 1 year old. A year would be perfect default setting, of course not in one file (it will be too big), maybe weekly “access.log” and weekly “error.log” - around 53 files for a year, which is possible to set in Webmin, but rotation itself cannot be more than 1 month. Glad I realised it in time the system don’t keep any records.

Oh come on…,
It looks like it is all down to log rotation! Ridiculous isn’t it?
I’ve received daily message about backup and it says:
“Backup failed! See the progress output above for the reason why. Total backup time was 01 minutes, 27 seconds.”

And in all my websites there is one I have deleted rotation for - says: Copying Logrotate configuration …
… no log rotation configuration found!

Isn’t it the reason, if it is - it is not very professional.

Isn't it the reason, if it is - it is not very professional.

It is configurable, of course. You can choose whether backups stop or try to continue in the event of a failure. The goal is to make sure backups are perfect…if something within the backup fails, Virtualmin considers the whole backup a failure, because it is not complete. We generally think you’d like to know that your backup isn’t complete. That’s all.

But, if I’m understanding you, the core problem you have is that you want log rotation to be more configurable, correct?

Absolutely, that would be great!

Still after some time working with the system - there is nothing to moan about - it is just unacceptable, i think even in windows you can set up this sort of thing.
it is not serious administration - 1 month of logs strict by the system is propably one of the reasons Virtualmin/Webmin isn’t a serious system for a professionals.
I really do like the rest of it, the problem is - there is no way to change it (or is there?).