Apache 404 not found instead of it works

i have virtual min (GPL) installed on my server and the problem am facing is that i get a ‘404 not found’ message on all of my domains. However, when i create a v-host and place an index.html page, all of my domains (5) show the page such that when am installing drupal, all of my domains show the drupal site. I am not using the virtualmin dns but the one provided by my hosting company.

there is no default (it works) index.html file in /var/www and i have tried adding one but still i get the 404 not found message.

Any ideas what the problem might be.


How did you perform the Virtualmin installation, did you use the install.sh script?

Also, are you behind a NAT router?

By default, Virtualmin would be creating your accounts in /home/USERNAME/ – are you placing your website in /home/USERNAME/public_html?



yes i used the install.sh script. I was using open panel prior to virtualmin and had removed it as well as apache.

I am not sure but i should think so.

Yes, when i place the files in /home/USERNAME/public_html all my domains display the content in the files.

  • Jas

Uh-oh, you installed Virtualmin on a system that had another control panel on it before? Bad idea. :slight_smile:

You will spare yourself a LOT of trouble if you reinstall the OS of your server (after making appropriate backups of course), and use the installer script on a fresh system with ONLY the SSH packages installed.