Anyone using WHMCS to provision Virtualmin accounts?

Does anyone have some ideas or examples to share about how to list and organize different hosting packages? Because the WHMCS module doesn’t do anything with Configuration Options or Product Add-ons in WHMCS, we’re limited only to a package that defines the Server Template and Account Plan. It doesn’t seem to be as straight-forward for a client ordering a hosting package because of this.

First you need several server templates with account plans on the server, you need as many as the packages you want to sell.
Name them logically, like Bronze Plan, Silver Plan or whatever.

In whmcs in Products/Services, create a group, like Webhosting Plans
Then create a product.

In the first field Product Type choose Shared hosting
Product Group choose Webhosting Plans
Product Name is the Bronze Silver Gold or whatever you call them
Product Description anything about the plan in html

Under Module settings
module name Virtualmin
group if you made any
Template name and Account plan fill in the name exactly as they are in Virtualmin.

No problems with the setup. I provision from WHMCS all the time, just did one a minute ago.

Only tiny issue, I forgot the syntax to get the username (the first word of the domain) into the database name in my Script Installer in my Server Template.

Does WHMCS also work with Virtualmin GPL?

It only says Virtualmin in the drop down in WHMCS… I thought it would say GPL or PRO if it only worked for one…

I have a problem (if it does work with GPL) where it looks for the “session_login.cgi” when you click “login to control panel”

I tried setting just the domain in there, then i tried the subdomain that my WHMCS is hosted on, and I even tried it with the virtualmin port in the URL as well… Still I get page not found when it tries to get to session_login.cgi. Does the login to cpanel button not work with virtualmin?

I need another way to test if it did integrate properly with WHMCS… Any ideas?

Sorry if I brought back a dead thread…

Thanks in advance for the help!

It only says Virtualmin in the drop down in WHMCS… I thought it would say GPL or PRO if it only worked for one

Yeah, I believe it should work with both. It uses the Virtualmin API, would should work the same on both GPL and PRO.

As far as the specifics go for setting it up, I don’t have much experience with that – hopefully someone can chime in with input on how that all would work!


At Hostname you put the hostname:
Then at IP Adress you put the IP,
Then it takes you to the login page of your webmin installation.
It doesn’t log you in though.

And yes it will provision GPL and PRO as well.

it works any virtualmin
i have tested myself