anyone using strftime-style time substitutions?

Anyone using strftime-style time substitutions on file or directory name for scheduled webmin backups?

It looks like the error message is there, I just don’t know where the module option is to allow this. I do scheduled backups from the Webmin side for the system config. I’d like to be able to date/preserve them over time. I went ahead and defined an entry with %m%d%y in the file name under:

Webmin -> Backup Configuration Files -> Scheduled Backups

And am given the following error message:

Warning - some backup jobs use % in their filenames, but strftime substitution is not enabled on the Module Config page.

It looks like the check is there, but I can’t locate the Module Config page where this is settable. I would have hoped it would be on that same page as it is in Virtualmin where I set the following:

Virtualmin -> Backup and Restore -> Scheduled Backups and check off "Do strftime-style time substitutions on file or directory name " Here, everything works great.


it looks like this

there is no module config page. I use the strftime and works without errors exactly as in the pic.

hey ronald, thanks for checking. the pic looks like it is part of the virtualmin scheduled backups though. this for me does have the check option and works as i’d expect. i went ahead and took a couple of snapshots of what i am seeing.


Image with error…

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#$%@$# - well i may n ot get that image uploaded… going to just add url to it…


if you don’t see the module config then i suggest you submit a support ticket. might be a bug.

ronald, thank you. no, i managed to look right past that on the screen. i had it ingrained in my mind that it was in a similar location as on the virtualmin portion, or off of the left pane somewhere. thanks for taking the time and assisting.