Anyone know why a domain would be pointing to another virtual server's content?

So a Plesk was not allowing me to install an SSL, so I reinstalled my virtual server, removed all packages originating from parallels, having psa* or plesk* in their name. Then I installed virtualmin, no problems or errors on install. I now create three virtual servers:
virtual1 (default on shared IP1)
virtual2 (on shared IP1)
virtual3 (dedicated IP2 w/ SSL)

However, whats really happening is this when a browser points to the domains:
virtual1 => virtual1 web folder
virtual2 => dedicated IP folder (virtual3)
virtual3 => default web folder (virtual1)

Then I did this:
Changed virtual2’s IP address to IP2 (a now non-default shared IP)
Changed virtual3’s IP address to IP1 (a now private IP on the default shared IP)
Left virtual1’s IP address unchanged (IP1)

This causes All of them to fetch data from their respective web folders.

IFF I change IP of virtual1 to IP2 (which has yet to fetch incorrectly) it then fetches from IP3’s folder!!! Its like for some reason, virtual 2 has to be on IP2, virtual3 on IP1 and virtual1 on IP1.

Any ideas? This is really stumping me! :frowning:

Oh, and last addition:
With the above where they are all fetching properly: If I switch the places of virtual1 and virtual2 then they fetch from eachother’s web folder (virtual1 fetches virtual2’s web folder and vice versa).

Far out, isn’t it? I just don’t even know where to begin. Is there stale Plesk code on my server somewhere? :frowning:


Since you set virtual2 IP to share IP then change it again to dedicated IP, then …

I suggest you delete all virtual domains then create again with the correct IP. This will give you a clear install, ok?

I have done that numerous times, believe me.