Anyone care to tell us how they are dealing with automating signups?

Im trying to figure out a way of automating signups, I dont have pre packages, I let the people choose what they want, i.e. 10MB or 100MB of webspace, no database or up to 5 Mysql databases etc. But I dont see the end result because I have no way of automating this through one of the paypal type services.

So anyone thats doing hosting with virtualmin pro, please tell me what you are doing to calculate and bill your customers.


I’ll add to Harald’s post that we also have been working with the folks at AWBS (, and while I’m not sure of the status of support, it might be worth querying them to see how they’re coming if you like the looks of their product.

A couple of users here have suggested we contact the Whois.cart folks, and I’ve emailed them a couple of times about integration (because these kinds of things have to be a two-way street, since the billing system and the virtual hosting system need to know how to talk to each other), but there has been no response from the developers of that product. Perhaps if their customers request Virtualmin support, we can begin to make progress there.

If anyone has any billing/signup product or package that you prefer, please let us know. We’ll open up a communication channel with the developers and try to make something happen.