Any Xinha Options?

I love the web page editor (Xinha) being built into the admin. What a great tool for clients who desire to make simple changes.

There are a few features I sure wish it had and I want to make sure I’m not missing any changeable options anywhere.

It only sees pages at the root level, no way to select pages that are in another directory.

Only recognizes HTML files. I have a few clients who have some simple static PHP pages that would be nice to edit with this.

No way to select an image folder when uploading pictures. All image files have to go in the root directory.

Only opens what’s in the body tag. It would be nice if it could see the head tag, in HTML of course.

Have I missed some module that can enable more options or is there anything else that can be installed to increase functionality?

As the previous poster noted, if the virtual web site has files in folders, the web edit menu page doesn’t display them as a choice, so users can’t use Xinha to edit them. Any way to allow a user to select a file in any folder in their Web file tree for Xihna edits?

I don’t know of a way to do that – my recommendation would be to file a feature request using the Support link above.