Any support (existing or planned) for other directory servers besides openLDAP


I would like to consider using other LDAP/directory servers on a number of networks … I am particularly looking at (considering) the following:

OpenDS (
Dir-389 (
FreeIPA (
Zivios (http://

The first two can be considered to be drop-in replacements for openldap, albeit with their own GUI based admin interfaces. The later two are more like seeking to replicate some of the functionality of virtualmin/webmin/usermin but more targeted at internal enterprise deployments (as against hosted solutions.

I need to deploy one of them to enable administration for less tech savvy admins. I have searched the threads in the forum, and cannot see any mention of any of them having webmin modules.

My questions:
– Are there any webmin/virtualmin modules for any of these?
– Would integrating to any of these systems be seen as desirable to the webmin/virtualmin development teams?
– If I wanted to consider working on this myself, what should I be focusing most at ?

Thanks …