Any problems with deleting unused Webmin / Usermin modules from the command line?

Hi all,

I’ve created a script for installing virtualmin and wanted to automate the post-install removal of modules I don’t use (rather than having to go into the UI and do it manually every time). I noticed that removal via the Webmin interface seems to just delete the module’s folder. Can I just do the same thing via the command line? eg.

rm -rf /usr/libexec/webmin/adsl-client #Webmin ADSL client

rm -rf /usr/libexec/usermin/tunnel #Usermin HTTP Tunnel

The developer docs say all module files (including config files) need to all be contained inside the module folder, and deleting the folders seems to work fine so far. But I just want to make sure I’m not missing something so I don’t run into unforseen problems.


PS. I know some people recommend leaving unused modules there but personally I like having the cleanest interface possible :slight_smile: