Any course to learn here?

I’m looking anyone who do course about virtualmin/wemin. How to setup and everything related with it. I need to learn because Im newbie.

Thanks in advance.

Operating system: Windows

OS version: 10

There’s an e-book on Amazon. Way out of date, though.


There is a Virtualmin channel on YouTube covering several common topics that people ask questions about: Virtualmin - YouTube

Ilia has begun making new videos, as well. A few other folks have posted videos on YouTube, but I can’t vouch for their quality or accuracy (sometimes people pass along bad information that they learned from random online docs or whatever, or they found a hacky way to do something that has a better way to do it built in but they didn’t find the built-in way to do it).

The Webmin documentation is useful for understanding underlying services, as well as for extending Virtualmin (Virtualmin is a set of Webmin modules and a custom configuration tuned for virtual hosting). Webmin Documentation

And, Virtualmin has a ton of documentation (which needs to be reorganized and updated, but still contains a lot of useful stuff): Documentation | Virtualmin

Most pages in Virtualmin also have online help. Hover over an item and if the pointer turns into a question mark, you can click it for a help popup.

There’s a lot of documentation, and most of the really common questions are covered if you look for it. This forum and the website are searchable, as well. It’s pretty rare to have a problem or question that hasn’t been asked and answered a few times over the years.

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Can vouch for the Youtube channel. The main videos you want to watch are:

Those two will walk you through everything you need to know to set up a virtual server and get your SSL certificate, set it up and get it going.

The number one thing I see that hangs most people up is getting Dovecot and Postfix (mail servers) set up. They really should make a full length, step by step video on that. Nudge nudge.

When I first started using a VPS and Virtualmin I found this guide to be very helpful:

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