Any chance we could get amazon backup on gpl?

Virtualmin is great and I appreciate so very much that there is a free version.

I would respectfully like to request one feature that is currently on the paid version be included on GPL, the ability to save backups to AWS.

AWS is so very cheap to use for us small sites, it’s practically free itself. But it would be such a great benefit for us to be able to store our backups completely off our hosting company’s servers.

Thanks for the program and for considering this request,


nice try :slight_smile:


Virtualmin Pro features do work their way into Virtualmin GPL over time, so it’s good to hear what folks are interested in.

I’ll make a note of that, thanks for your input!


Thanks Eric - I appreciate that :slight_smile:

Just noticed this on my admin panel

“The S3 backup support has been ported from Virtualmin Pro, allowing GPL users to backup domains to Amazon’s paid storage service.”

Awesome and Thank you!!!