Answered: Pictures not appearing on website


I just installed Virtualmin on my new VPS. That process went very smoothly.

I then copied my drupal installation from my previous site to the new site. The process took more time that I care to admit, but it is finally working - kind of…

The problem is that linked images are not appearing. For example, when I view the html source for any page on my site, the following appears at the top of each page: . I have checked the file system and the logo is in the directory noted.

The problem is not with drupal - when I enter the above url into my browser directly, I get an “Internal Server Error”.

Two more notes:
1 - Based on a post I found (in this forum, I think), I changed a line in the .htaccess file from Options +FollowSymLinks to Options +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch.
2 - In the above, {ip_address} means the literal ip address, i.e., Since I am still building out the new site, I have not yet pointed the DNS records to the new site.

Would you kindly let me know why the linked images are not appearing and how I can fix this problem.

Thank you!


You mentioned that when browsing directly to one of the image URL’s, you received a 500 error.

What message shows up in the Apache error logs for that domain when that occurs? Those would be located in $HOME/logs/error_log.



Thank you! The problem was the drupal has a second .htaccess file and the FollowSymLinks option needed to be changed in that file.