another wordpress plugin problem - field not saving

Hi Guys

Back with another wordpress plugin problem. The plugin is called Wordpress Form Manager and with it you create forms for web pages. All of the instructions for the form are saved in the database. One of the fields in the forms table is called “conditions” it is a text field. The field stores the information like show/hide or require instructions for the from.

The first thing I should point out is that the form is quite large and consequently the “conditions” has also become large. The problem that I am having is when I try to save another condition one of two things happen. Either the conditions save minus the latest condition or the conditions field is wiped clean (nothing is saved).

I have tried several thing to correct the problem

I changed the field from “text” to “longtext” to see if that was the problem then restarted MySqk but no luck.

I went to Manage PHP Configuration> Resource Limits> and increased Maximum HTTP POST size and increased the size to 32M then restated apache again no luck.

I have asked a question on the plugin’s support site but have not received any response yet.

I have not ruled out that there is a problem with the plugin however I thought I would ask if there is a setting somewhere in Virtualmin that could cause the data to not be saved or the dat to be truncated?

does it show any errors under the virtualmin domain log?

Unfortunately no

There is nothing in any of the logs that report any error. :frowning: