Another qurestion that might help people. out.. and me..

Hey all one more question is there an easy way to take a Virtual server from a client and move it to a reseller? Example… say i have a domain under my domain i have 4 other sites… sub domains… ok i become a reseller… how do i take my sub domains and make them domains… and keep all the info the same… just not as sub domains no more but as domains under a reseller… i would hate to do this manually beings i have like 130 Domain

you can bring all or some domains at once under a reseller. I forgot which button exactly to click, but it is there, I’m sure you can find it too or someone else may answer.

I don’t know of a script that can change your domainnames. 130 doesn’t seem like a lot to do 1 by 1 in vrtualmin. Else you need to write a script or use the command-line-api