Another alias question


I am trying to setup some kind of CMS “farm”, something like a “multi-site” option with a CMS: install once the core of the CMS, one database per site … Advantage: when I update (mostly for security reasons) my CMS core, I update at once many sites.

I already succeeded partially. I installed my CMS on a virtual server, it’s running ok. Then I created an alias of that first domain (so the domain is pointing to the same hosting folder), everything seems to be running smoothly so far, 2 websites on one CMS install.

Problem is with email. Creating an alias does not allow for creating different email accounts for the alias domain … not good for me.

Question: is there a way to do this using Virtualmin ? using the command line, I would edit the site files in /etc/apache2/sites-available directory, and have a DocumentRoot similar for all domains pointing to the farm. Can I edit the DocumentRoot from within Virtualmin ? Or is there a way to have separate email adresses for aliases ?

Thanks in advance.


I forgot:
Operating system Debian Linux 6.0
Webmin version 1.590
Virtualmin version 3.93.gpl GPL

Responding to myself.

I found a way. I transformed my Alias Servers into real Virtual Servers. So I’m now able to create email adresses. Then in Server configuration -> Websites redirect ->Add a new website redirect.

And I redirected “/” (eveything) to the directory of the virtual server hosting the main CMS installation, and this works, although I was afraid this would be forbidden for security reasons … I am just wondering now if this is good in term of Google indexing …

If somebody has a better idea …

Additional response: :slight_smile:

In alias servers, you cannot create email addresses, because they are “exact copies” of the referenced server, and thus share its email users.

So if you wish subdomains for your CMS sites, and need email users for them, the only way to do that is using sub-servers or parent servers.

regarding Locutus comment. It looks like that 3.94 got a new feature:

the ability to create alias domains with mailboxes

I haven’t tried that yet, just wanted to mentioned it here.


Interesting ! From (Version 3.94 (23rd August 2012))

Alias virtual servers that have their own mailboxes and aliases can now be created, rather than always forwarding mail to the destination domain.

I hope there will be a simple path to transform a virtual server into an alias without loosing mailboxes …

Yes, but as far as my tests show, the new feature is “exaggeratedly” described. :slight_smile:

It does not allow you to assign actual mailboxes (as in Linux users which can IMAP login to their address) for alias servers, but only email aliases which need to be forwarded to another existing mailbox or address.

So the new feature probably wouldn’t help in this case here.

Just upgraded to 3.94.

Yes, agreed with “exaggeratedly” (" … their own mailboxes and aliases … ", mailboxes is definitely exaggerated) …

Still can be helpful for specific cases, but not here. Thanks for mentionning this.