Annoying Virtualmin display problem.

Please see

Can anyone tell me where on earth Virtualmin mines that address from?

I know it’s not from the apache directive for the host, it’s not from an interface, in fact it’s no where on the box.

We are during a large scale IP renumbering, mostly manually, and it would be great if Virtualmin could recognize and display the correct IP address.

Doesn’t it get if from the apache directive? I’d think that’d be where to look.

Can you ping it by the host name and get this ip as a reply? Be sure to do it from the same subnet as apache.

One thing you can do is look in the config file for this domain in the /etc/webmin/virtual-servers directory. It’s a standard text file and might be reading it from there. (or maybe some other config file in the webmin etc directory

No, it doesn’t get it from the Apache directive, althought it would be nice if it did.

After some poking around, I found that your suspicion was correct about it storing it in a text file. It’s located under /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains/$ID

So, thanks for the help on that. Maybe at some point Virtualmin can just parse the Apache directive for the virthost IP. But like I said, it’s more of an annoyance than anything.

Actually, in the distant past Virtualmin did mine this information. It’s a feature that it does things a bit differently now, so it’s unlikely that that will change. :wink:

I believe if you get your Module Config correct, per your other thread, you’ll find that everything looks right everywhere else.