Ambiguous output redirect - Error while rebooting a freebsd guest

On a Linux Xen host a freebsd 7.3 guest is running perfectly. To back up this host, the automatic shutdown command should be used.

The shell on freebsd for the root user is tcsh.

When Cloudmin attempts to shutdown the guest, a Ambiguous output redirect error occurs due to bash to tcsh command transfer.

Is there a simple workaround for that? I do not want to change the login-shell on the freebsd system to bash.
It is not so preferable to write a shutdown-script and to run this before the backup.

Thanks for any hints.



Okay, I spoke with Jamie about this :slight_smile:

Cloudmin uses some “sh” specific redirects in the way it works, and currently assumes that the user is using sh or bash.

It shouldn’t make that assumption :slight_smile:

The next version of Cloudmin will resolve that by making sure that sh (or compatible) is being used when the script is run. That will be corrected in the next Cloudmin version.