Thanks, @Joe and I will run some tests with AlmaLinux 9 too, as we anyway have nothing else to do.

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Sorry can’t do anything about OS bringing out new versions, but i do understand what you mean. :wink:

I was kidding actually. :wink: I like adding support for and testing new OSes.

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Beta version of installer was fixed to support AlmaLinux 9. However, awstats package is not available in any of the repos. I think we will just drop awstat support for AlmaLinux 9 and CentOS Stream 9, explicitly letting user know about that.

well that sucks…i like awstats over the other one…:slight_smile:

If you do like awstats don’t use AlamLinux 9 (at least for now) or report/request awstats support for it.

I remember, back in time people were requesting awstats support for CentOS 8…

Virtualmin will support awstats on AlmaLinux 9, if it’s available in standard repos.

i didn’t say i wouldn’t use alma/rocy…just disappointed they do not include awstats…and i didn’t blame virt for it as i am well aware of how virt works at the install level…

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