Allowing Server owner to create top-level virtual servers

Initially I posted my question here, got no answer, so re-posting as a new thread.

I am trying to allow server owners to create top level virtual servers. Tried different settings under Account Plans, however whatever settings I try the server owners only see Sub-server and Alias of domain.tld. How can I set so that they can create top-level servers?


I noticed your other post before this one, I’ll copy and paste the same response in here –

Virtual Server owners can only create Sub-Servers.

Only the Master Admin and Resellers can create top-level Virtual Servers. If you’re using Virtualmin Pro, you could use the reseller feature to do what you’re after.

Otherwise, you’d have to create any top-level Virtual Servers as the Master Admin (ie, root).


Now I see. Thanks for explanation. I’ll switch to Pro at later stages, when my server starts generating some revenue.