Allow website FTP user to access multiple dirs

I would like to restrict user A to his home folder public_html/folder1 but also allow him access to public_html/folder2.

I created a symlink in public_html/folder1 pointing to public_html/folder2. Then I chown the symlink to the same owner:group as the rest of the files in public_html. The symlink was created twice, once using an absolute path, then using a relative path (as suggested in, though I do not know if this particular server is using chroot).

Logged in as user via FTP, using the absolute path the symlink shows up, but I cannot navigate to it. Using the relative path it doesnt even show up.

Is it possible to do this without using mounting?


CentOS 5.8 & Virtualmin 3.90.gpl


Well, if you could escape that jail by creating a symlink, the user would be able to point a symlink to any place on the file system they wished to see. That won’t work, unfortunately.

The simplest option would be to create a second user, with access to public_html/folder2.

Another option would be to make that user’s homedir public_html instead of public_html/folder1.


But I could still create a mount point, right?

Sure, that’s not the way I would do it, but I do believe that would work just fine.