Allow Users to change Home Directory for FTP Users

I’ve been looking around for the past hour and can’t find anything on this. I’m trying to allow a server owner user to change the Home Directory for an FTP User. When logged in as the Master admin (root) I can add an FTP user to the server, and specify their Home Directory under the “Quota and home directory settings” section of the “Create Mailbox” form. However, when logged in as the Server owner user, I don’t get that option.

Anyone know where I can enable that option for Server owners, or why it is not there?

For reference, my server is running CentOS 5 and ProFTPd.


I took a look at edit_user.cgi but couldn’t figure it out. Any help here?


Howdy Donald,

Are you sure what you’re trying to accomplish isn’t provided by some other mechanism? (I don’t know what the actual task you want these users to be able to perform…but I’ve seen folks try interesting permutations on FTP configuration to try to do things that are already well-supported in other ways.)

I kind of suspect you’re wanting to make a mailbox user capable of editing and managing website content…which is something you can’t really do, regardless of what you set their home directory to. They don’t have the right permissions to manage scripts that execute under suexec. This is why there is a special “Add a website FTP access user” form (these users are FTP users that are roughly identical to the administrative user, minus Virtualmin access (so they can’t edit users and passwords, but can modify everything on the website).

But, if I’m wrong, and you have some other specific task you’re after, let me know, and I’ll see if I can guide you to the right place.

Thanks Joe!

I looked at the "Add a website FTP access user" form, and that is exactly what I want. When I login as root, on that form I get the option:
Quota and home directory settings
Home directory x Main website directory x Website subdirectory ______________________

But when logged in as the user, that section is blank. I would like the user to have the same option to change the Home Directory when creating an FTP access user.

Same here now on Virtualmin 3.75.gpl - if user logged in as root, it see “Home directory” field in “Quota and home directory” and root can change the home directory settings.

But if logged in as virtual server owner, in group “Quota and home directory” I see only “Home directory quota” field on user create form.

Which option in permissions in “Server Owner Limits” answer for this field?

I’m looking for the same thing. As the server admin, I can go into a virtual server, create a user, and have access to the ‘Quota and home directory settings’. As the virtual server admin user, I don’t have access to that section. Is this possible? Thanks!