Allow some features but don't enable them by default?

Hi there!
I have my hosting plans with their different limits and features, and I would like to know if it’s possible to set some things up so that they are allowed but not enabled by default when creating the virtual server. In other words, the user can enable the feature himself in Virtualmin.
For example, I find that PostgreSQL is seldom being used, as are git and subversion. What also happens is that many just delete the ‘git’ folder for example, which makes domain validation and backup tasks fail. So I always find myself disabling those features for those clients.
Right now if I disable the feature in the account plan, a client cannot enable that feature on its own. So I would need something to “allow but not enable” sort of thing. Maybe it’s there already, but I can’t find it?
Please help me out :slight_smile:


You could write a script that knows what a user is allowed to have (perhaps prefs stored in a database), then give the user access to a form to enable features they are entitled to. This would then talk to the Virtualmin API, which would in turn enable the feature.


Another way to do that would be to go into System Settings -> Features and Plugins, and to uncheck the “Default” button.

That will keep the feature listed when creating a Virtual Server, but will have it unchecked by default. A user can just check it if they want that feature (and have rights to it).


ok but where do I say that the user does have the rights for a feature?
cause right now the default flag is not set for svn and git for example under features and plugins, yet they are being activated… probably because in the account plan settings under “allowed virtual server features” i specified the stuff manually instead of leaving it to automatic? but then i believe “allowed features” is where i specify which features the user is allowed to have and not that they are enabled by default.
oh, so confused right now :frowning:

This is an old topic, but just want to explain how it work for me:

  1. Account Plan set to **Automatic**
  2. Feature and Plugins uncheck the **default** check-box, for any feature you don't want by default.
That way, the Feature is still available but unchecked by default

Hope that help