Allow External IP problem

I’m migrating a few sites to a new server running webmin/virtualmin.

I edited the A record of these websites to point to this webmin/virtualmin server but am getting a connection error.

So I assume that I need to allow the IP of the other server? I found the area to add it under webmin configuration but after adding and saving when I go back the IP address disappears.

Am I missing something or am I in the wrong area?

You did add the IP(s) under Webmin, Network configuration, Host Adresses?

Assuming a typical migration, there are very few cases where you’d need to add the losing server’s IP anywhere on the gaining server. The only reason for adding the A entries is to (hopefully) nudge the traffic along while DNS propagates following changing the nameservers for the domains at their registries.

Clear your local cache and ping one of the domains. If it returns the IP of the gaining server, then you have a problem there, most likely in the networking setup or in Apache.

hi guys, thanks alot for the response.

I was trying to look up one of the sites using, i think it might have been a mobile device, anyway the message was different
than I was getting at my normal desktop set up and it mentioned security/ssl. So that gave me the big clue, and so it ended up being the ssl not being insalled
on the gaining server. Once installed all was right with the world.

Thanks gents

I’ve found that 99.9 percent of Let’s Encrypt errors can be avoided by having a cup of coffee between changing the nameservers at the registrar and requesting the SSL cert.

haha, i think i had a full pot on this day …