All sites gives 403

Hey, I installed virtualmin and added new virtual server, but then all my unrelated domain were screwed and gave me 403 http code (forbidden). What can I do to fix this?
I tried to remove the virtual server, remove virtualmin and reinstall it, but nothing helped.


The Website Troubleshooting documentation here may assist, as it’s possible that you’re seeing some sort of IP address mismatch in the Apache config:

You may also want to review the Apache error logs in $HOME/logs/error_log to check what errors are showing up in there.


So you say it does that because my files in sites-available got <VirtualHost *:80>?


All those Apache VirtualHost blocks need to be in “agreement”, so to speak.

Our recommendation is to use for all of them, though it also can work to use <VirtualHost *:80>.

Which ever you use though they all should be using the same thing, and unless you’re using Apache 2.4, you would need a matching NameVirtualhost line.

Try making that change, restart Apache, and see if your sites work for you at that point.


“Our recommendation is to use `` for all of them.” What is between the quotation marks? Maybe you forgot to put the CODE tag?

Nuts, I used backticks, but apparently that’s not the same as code tags :slight_smile:

Okay, I modified my original comment to correct that, and added another thought or two as well.