All Mysql DBs included in Virtual Server backup

I tried the "Backup Virtual Server" feature in Virtualmin because it lets me backup via FTP. However for every virtual server, it backup up ALL the MySQL databases in the database and not just the ones that belong to that virtual server.

While the backup worked fine, it used way too much space because of the duplication of all the MySQL databases (more than 10) for each of my 10 virtual servers.

Have I missed something or is this a bug?

My Virtualmin / Webmin / Usermin combination is otherwise working fine on the following configuration for quite a while now:

  • Suse Linux 10.1 -
  • virtualmin: 3.56.gpl
  • webmin: 1.410

Thanks in advance.<br><br>Post edited by: pban02, at: 2008/05/08 08:17