All my Server template have reset to some default


I have a question regarding Server Templates, I have a few templates with my own settings done some time ago. Many of the options are now reset to some “Default”! And I’m not sure when this happened.

If I look at any of these templates now, in this case at the setting for "Default domain owner limits".
In the section "Default available features" all my settings is gone and the selected is "From default settings".
If I now look at the template "Default Settings" the same section there says "Automatic, based on initial features".

I don’t understand this? Is all my templates wiped out?
Ok, it’s not that big deal… but should my templates get changed without a message telling so or some other warning?

And I really think it’s important to know which options/values are selected even if “Automatic, based on other limits” or “From default settings” is chosen, otherwise you have to guess or try to find the default values in other places.

The options/values selected should show but can only be changed if option "Selected below" is chosen.

Is it not possible to show what the "Default" values are if they are selected?