Alias vs Redirect

I’m looking at the option “Create alias websites by”, inside Apache web site of template configuration. There are these options:

  • Creating Redirect virtual host
  • Creating permanent Redirect virtual host
  • Creating ProxyPass virtual host
  • Adding ServerAlias to parent

What do you think it’s better to use?


I like using the ServerAlias method… they’re fast and simple! :slight_smile:


ServerAlias has the advantage that no additional Apache directive block is required for the alias server. It’s just one line in the block of the parent domain.

Thanks for the answer! So 2-0 for the ServerAlias!

Someone using the Redirect features? I’d noticed that the main difference is that with ServerAlias the visitor don’t see the main domain address, instead with Redirect it become redirected to the real url.

That’s right. Choice of method also depends on what you want the result to be. ServerAlias and ProxyPass will not show the web user that he’s being “redirected”, while the other two will.