alias virtual-servers and email

hello all - this is a re-posting of this question since i have a bit more detail:

suppose i have the following virtual-server:

and i have these three alias’s of that virtual-server:

so obviously no matter what domain name i select in a browseer, i get the webpage of the main one,

now, suppose each of the alias names has the name “Info” as the email prefix:

and not to be outdone, the virtual-server itself also has the same email prefix:

and finally, just to help spread some Christmas cheer, each of these emails forwards like so:    =>  =>   =>   =>

i dont see a place where each “alias” can have its own separate user. i did create each alias to have a separate email address.

any ideas?


Alias servers do not have separate users. Until a few Virtualmin versions ago, they didn’t even have separate email forwards but were always exact copies of the parent. :slight_smile:

Now they can have individual mail aliases, but still no Linux users. If you need that, you’ll need to create sub-servers or parent servers.