alias domains

Hi, this is my 1st post. I was searching for a category to send possible errors in code, please correct me if I should have posted it elsewhere.

I was trying to experiment with alias domains and how to edit owner limits.
Lets say the user has I tried to limit him into being able to create 2 additional alias domains ( and but no other real subdomains.

So from virtualmin as root from owner limits I set
Maximum allowed virtual servers 3
Maximum allowed alias servers 2
Maximum allowed non-alias servers 1

I logged in as the user of and I was able to create the 1st alias In the system information however it showed Sub-servers 1 out of 1 but Alias servers 1 out of 3. I think that it would be more logical to say 1 out of 2.
When I added the 2nd alias, it did showed Alias servers 2 out of 2