After update to Ubuntu 20.04 VirtualMin repos disabled

I just updated a non-production server from Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to Ubuntu 20.04.01 LTS … that all worked OK, and I have not found a single issue in VirtualMin / WebMin (I made sure these were both up to-date).

I have one question though. Before the update the repositories were enabled. But after the update they are both disabled. I have searched the forums and can find no answer. I’m also unsure if 20.04 is “supported” rather than Beta …

Should I re-enable them?

Many Thanks - Nigel.

|virtualmin-bionic/main |No ||
|virtualmin-universal/main |No ||

When you upgrade Ubuntu, it disables third party repos. We didn’t do it. You have to re-enable any non-Ubuntu repos after upgrading (you’ll want to change bionic to whatever the codename of 20.04 is…).

Joe, Thank you kindly for the swift reply.

All seems to be working OK.

I know that VirtualMin didn’t disable them! So I’m thinking that virtualmin-bionic/main becomes virtualmin-focal/main (even though it’s full name is “Focal Fossa” !)


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