After update 1881 webmin wont work, uninstalled re installed but still cant get on browser FIXED

Hello Pls kindly help as I had to uninstall via yum and reinstall as i spent whole evening trying to restart it via ssh but it wont show on browser
I had a self signed webmin SSL certif for webmin domain and I dont know what can i do it access ??
I dont see any running process of webmin. Pl see what I did after these attempts
yum remove webmin
yum install webmin

it uninstalled
webmin noarch 1.881-1 @virtualmin-universal 76 M
Removing for dependencies:
wbm-virtual-server noarch 2:6.03.gpl-1 @virtualmin-universal 8.1 M

and at install Installing:
webmin noarch 1.881-1 virtualmin-universal 27 M

it gave :
Running rpm_check_debug
Running Transaction Test
Transaction Test Succeeded
Running Transaction
Operating system is CentOS Linux
Installing : webmin-1.881-1.noarch 1/1
Webmin install complete. You can now login to

WHEN I try on browser it does not connect. When I do do service webmin status it shows webmin is stopped
Kindly help what can i do as I need to access the server??

I update: I edited miniserv.conf from SSL 1 to 0 and restarted webmin and now it works. Finally. BUT I lost my install of virtualmin and now i hv to do it again. Fortunlatey webmin saved all previous configs of webmin and virtualmin and I could get back all. But I still think there is a bug in latest webmin when upgrading from an older version.