After creating the server virtualmin???

After creating the virtual server from virtualmin you must always create a virtual server apache webmin to run the new server?
After I created the virtual server does not see the voice to create the home site as in the video that explains how

you can edit the settings in the virtualmin module configuration as to what the new server owner has and can do with it.
Then you can add and edit the features in the server templates.
Also you can create groups in the webmin module users and groups to manage additional features and edit features per module.

in other words, just about every option is possible depending on how you set the system.

It is a lot to learn as some features can give untrusted users the rights to do things, you don’t want them to so.

I suggest reading the documentation on virtualmin and webmin to understand the power of this software before going into production.
It is quite overwhelming.

I have created a virtual server, and after I went to apache and created a virtual server to manage a site but if I click on Virtual Servers Validate me
Webalizer reporting: No Apache logs found for virtual host
Log files rotation: No Apache logs found for virtual host then I should do?
The document I am reading, but because they do not speak English but with google translate translate unable to immediately understand everything that is written