After creating a new domain on shared ip -- many domain names now resolve to it (Wrong URL)

So I just added a new domain to my shared server of about 20 domains

Now I have many domains that resolve to this by mistake? I’m guessing its an apache problem but im not sure how to resolve it.

for instance if you type that it in you get the site! Very odd!

Its like its some sort of new default website but even points to it – if i disable everything works as it should.



update even deleting the virtual domain the redirection is wrong, I had to delete it – i have no idea but it must be some sort of apache config issue

Check your Apache VitualHosts blocks - the *:80 and IP:443. I had the same. It’s a quirk with how 6.04 (onwards I think) GPL deals with adding new VirtualHosts if there is already a mix of *:80 & IP:443 (or thereabouts)

Read post 2 in for more details. And subsequent posts for how to deal with it.