After an update, php is not executed

For some reason I cannot access my webpage in the regular way. When I go to it shows me the plain text of the php-file. This happened after i recently installed a whole bunch of updates.

I did:

  • Virtualmin > System Settings > Re-Check Configuration
  • Virtualmin > Limits and Validation > Validate Virtual Servers > Fix Permissions
Both are correct now, but still it shows just php.

However, if i do change the apache configs for the virtual servers manually (ie removing the ‘removehandler’ parts) it does work. But how can it be that it doesn’t work in the regular way?
I also tried to make a new virtual server, but on that one it doesnt work aswell.

Thanks in advance


You could help yourself by providing more information.

What system, version, any non standard repos? And what “an update” and “bunch of updates” mean exactly?

But a good starting point would be the error logs on your server. Anything interesting there?