Affiliate software for Virtualmin


I checked on your website and didnt see anything to get comissions or free products for referal…

Is it something for someone like me that have sent thousands of custommers to your website yet?


No responses. No affiliate confirmation. No affiliate link to use…

Always great support here… A pleasure to do business with you…

Seems that you prefer us to redirect people on other products…

Great business mind here… You probably took it in a RFC rule…

We don’t have any sort of affiliate link. Have some of those customers mention your name when they purchase a Virtualmin product, and we can talk :slight_smile:


What is that?

Mention my name… lol… are you kidding me man?

Howdy PatTzZ,

As you note, we do have an affiliate program. We’re pretty selective about who can participate, however, as we want to insure that the folks interacting with our customers are knowledgeable about our product (we like affiliates to be long-time users of the product, and plugged into our community here or on the Webmin mailing lists). Since we haven’t seen you around our forums nor had much interaction with you (your last post was over 2 years ago), it’s probably too early for us to enter into that kind of relationship. We’d like to get to know you better first.

Part of the reason for this selectivity is that some folks ended up using the affiliate link only to make their own purchases at a discount, rather than actually referring new people (there is a discount program for folks buying more than five licenses per year, so the affiliate program isn’t needed for the folks who buy a lot of Virtualmin products). Another reason is that affiliate links are often used in very spammy ways, and our own affiliate program has been no exception, which can hurt our ranking in Google, as well as hurt our brand integrity. We take our community and our customers very seriously, and anything that would cause our customers to lose trust for us is not worth making a few extra sales. I’m not suggesting you would do any of those things, just that unless we know you, we have no way of knowing how you’ll represent our brand and products, and because we don’t have staff dedicated to managing the affiliate program and policing its usage (it’s just me that handles it), it could take us weeks or months to find out about problems.

But, you’re quite right…I’m not very good at keeping on top of the affiliate applications and communicating why affiliate apps are not accepted. Our policies as documented on the site you’ve linked are pretty clear, though, I think.

Apologies for the lack of communication. Stick around, join our discussions here, and we can work out that affiliate thing once we know you better.