Advice about beta v7 installer


Just to make sure and to get your advice. I installed a new server with Debian 11 using the beta installer, all seems to be ok so far.
Once the install is done and everything works what is your advice:

  • wait for a final update of installer and reinstall both OS and Virtualmin
  • wait for a final update of installer and just re-run installer (if that’s possible ?)
  • doesn’t matter, if install was successful server can be used and virtualhosts started immediately, no need to reinstall OS nor Virtualmin because install script will never be re-used

This in fact it just points my own lacking knowledge, I thought that the installer ran once and then, once everything was installed the virtualmin-server took over as far as updates (and managing the server of course) were concerned … not re-installing would mean maybe discovering something missing 2 months from now and being forced to re-install everything from scratch to re-run the stable installer … ?


Hello, Pierre.

No need to reinstall. It will all be pretty much the same as you have it now. Package upgrades will handle it further.

You would never need to do that. Even though it’s possible to re-run it, it can be destructive and most importantly pointless.

No, you don’t need to bother about anything. Simply let package manager to handle upgrades on time.

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You answered a question I was just about to ask!


Thanks Ilia, exactly the answer I was hoping for :slight_smile:
Thanks again !

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