Administrator's Notes

What does the Administrator’s Notes (virtualmin-notes) module/plugin do? I installed it and enabled it, but I can’t find any reference to it in the UI.

Nevermind, I see it now. It is on the main System Information page at the bottom.

Just in case anyone else is wondering, and doesn’t want to install it arbitrarily:

It’s a simple note-taking module, that allows the administrator or administrators to keep and share notes about the system. Sort of a digital post-it.

There are quite a few little gadgets like this in development…and the new AJAX theme is getting a nice overhaul of the System Information page.

Great idea and I have it installed but can’t find it. Doesn’t show up in System Info on my system. We are running 3.75 Pro on x86_64. What I have on system info page below is:

new features
Vmin info
Vmin licenses

Well, his post is a few years old, so it’s possible it shows up in a different area now… you might poke around in some of the menu’s on the left as well.

Also, while you usually don’t have to do this, you might consider restarting webmin (/etc/init.d/webmin restart) just to make sure you’re seeing everything.


I did restart webmin and looked through all the menu’s on the left. Is there supposed to be a webmin “notes” module?

[root@dns-15 virtualmin-notes]# cat
desc=Virtualmin Admin Notes
desc_de=Virtualmin Admin-Hinweise
desc_nl=Virtualmin Admin Notities

Some of the modules first need to be enabled in System Settings -> Features and Plugins before they become available in the menus – do you see anything regarding the Administrator Notes listed in there?


Hi, is this some sort of note pad tab just like the one in Yahoo classic mail notepad tab.

Can you just confirm that for me plz.

Kind regards


nope, there isn’t an Administrator Notes module or anything similar. Closet thing to it was System Logs NG.