Admin user GUI questions

A few questions on attempting to set up the admin interface for server owners…

  1. Is there a way to remove the “Webmin” link at top left? (No Webmin modules are to be enabled for these server owners). In fact, even though the module for virtual email is not enabled in the skeleton, this still appears under the Webmin link. Furthermore it shows user count as two when it only lists one! And, also, it is in fact identical to the Virtualmin “list virtual servers” option (a more accurate title than Webmin >> servers >> virtual email!)

  2. I am not enabling backup for these server owners. But how I do I then remove the inapplicable “protected directories” link (which will confuse folks and in any case errors on attempting to select a directory)

  3. Can I disable or modify the “server details” screen (I expect I can by making my own theme? But is it already a built-in option? If so, I can’t find it!)

  4. Can I remove the “Configure this page” link on the system information screen? And what does the Visible information>>Virtualmin Information option do? I can’t see what alters with this option!

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, you can’t remove or modify most of those screens and links :slight_smile:

A lot of what can be configured can be found in Administration Options -> Edit Owner Limits. From there, take a look at Allowed capabilities and features (amongst others). That offers much of what you can edit.

Beyond that, Virtualmin’s controls aren’t quite that granular, it’s often not possible to disable the various features provided. Other than using your suggestion and creating your own theme, but that comes with the disadvantage of being time consuming to maintain


OK… pity though.

I’m migrating from many depressing years with Plesk. These are not ‘issues’ in the same league!

Customizing a theme doesn’t sound too easy. This from the ‘stress free’ theme guy:

“VirtualMin is not currently supported due to the way this Webmin extension has been implemented. A significant portion of the VirtualMin user-interface and logic is implemented within the default VirtualMin theme rather than in standalone modules. As a consequence, if this theme were to support VirtualMin it would have to replicate all of the logic that is buried within the default theme.”

Given time I’ll try to give it a go. Though I have to say - some of the GUI logic does confuse me! e.g. take my point (2) above. As a general principle I’d say it’s good practice to hide options for non-enabled features. Similarly - my end users will mostly have no clue whatsoever what terms such as “webmin” and “virtualmin” mean (and why should they?)