admin.domain & webmail.domain redirects not working in Ubuntu 16.04

hi, i think there is problem with redirecting admin.domain and webmail.domain, it justs goes to Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page, instead going to domain:10000

can anyone check it ?



Well, it is early in the morning on a Sunday… you may need to wait a bit until folks come to the Forums to check the posts :slight_smile:

I haven’t been seeing that redirect behavior though.

I’ll do some testing to see if I can reproduce it (though I probably won’t be able to do that today – so in the meantime, is anyone else seeing this behavior?)


try using your IP address

123.456.789.111:10000 or 123.456.789.111:20000

If it works, something is wrong with your Bind server/DNS or with your virtual server settings


Similar Issue… Brand new install and have installed horde in www.domain.tld/mail. If I go direct to the URL it works fine and I can log in. If I go to webmail.domain.tld is directs to domain:20000. I have it configured to redirect to https://www.domain.tld/mail . The only thing changed from the default server settings was this redirect. I have tried toggling redirect to usermin on/off with no change.

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 14.04.5
Webmin version 1.801
Virtualmin version 5.04 Pro
Theme version Authentic Theme 17.84
Kernel and CPU Linux 3.19.0-65-generic on x86_64

NOTE** As a temporary workaround I changed the following line

ewriteRule ^(.*) https://www.mydomain.tld/mail/ [R]



I’m not yet sure if how this will affect anything else but its working for the time being.

hi norhrich - that is good and indeed correct redirect - if you are looking for custom redirects then you should edit that config as you described. I mean for all sites there is a way to edit this for once and you are done - that is permanent resolution, but default configs are good for all other folks (gpl like me and pro as well) - you should do edits like those only if you run custom webmail software or thingy… best solution for all of us would be - deploy subdomain called or and install your custom script there… that way you wont affect anything and you good to go with your custom ‘anything-you-want-install’…

It is easy to use htaccess generator that helps running Apache web server smoothly. I came to know about it when I learned creating website for my company.