Additional users with access to multiple domains

I would like to create a user that has fewer powers than root, but can log into Virtualmin to manage multiple domains. In the Pro edition I’d probably do that by creating a reseller, but in this case I’m referring to the GPL version, of course. I suppose I’d do that at Webmin -> Webmin -> Webmin Users, but I’m wondering if anyone has any particular suggestions vis-à-vis permissions, modules, various options, etc. for this kind of user.

One option that seems to be missing from both the “Create a new privileged user” and “Create a new safe user” selections is giving a user access to only certain virtual servers as opposed to all virtual servers. Then again, this is for a user’s own VPS, and I suppose it just makes sense that they’d have access to all virtual servers on the server.

Any input on this it would be much appreciated. Thanks.


I think, you should just go Pro to get full-featured product and support development. :slight_smile:

However, you would want to have a look at Administration Options/Manage Extra Admins page:

Note: For this (above) to work, Webmin login enabled feature under Edit Virtual Server must be enabled. The ability to use options with checkboxes that are marked as disabled/inactive depends on what is allowed in Administration Options/Edit Owner Limits.

Thanks Ilia. I’ve updated my profile to make clear that I do already support Virtualmin by having an “unlimited” Pro licence. However, considering my question is about the GPL version I’m posting here instead of in the Pro issue tracker.

As for your answer, I see that option, but now I’m wondering what the practical difference is between what I was planning to do and what you suggest. I’d ask this same question about the Pro version too.

Those are two completely different types of users. Creating a new safe user actually requires a valid Unix user.

I would like to create a user that has fewer powers than root, but can log into Virtualmin to manage multiple domains.

I would highly recommend creating Extra Administrator user, as it’s designed exactly for what you’re asking for.

Have a look at documentation for Extra Administrators

All Virtualmin virtual servers can have additional administration accounts created, which are similar to the server administrator Webmin login, but possibly with limited capabilities. These extra admin accounts can be created and managed using the following programs.

  • create-admin - Creates an extra administrator for a virtual server
  • delete-admin - Deletes an extra administrator from a virtual server
  • list-admins - Lists administrators belonging to a virtual server
  • modify-admin - Updates an extra administrator for a virtual server

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