Additional IP`s

System : Ubuntu 20.04
Virtualmin version : 6.17-3
Webmin version: 1.981

I use Virtualmin in Oracle Cloud infrastructure, and i want to know if it is possible to add additional IPs from Oracle, to Virtualmin, so i can assign them to new domains ... Lets say installed the Virtualmin on with ip and i want to add now a new subserver to serve the domain with another IP from Oracle … is that possible ? And if yes, can anyone help me with the steps ?


Yes, Virtualmin can be setup with any number of IPs and Virtual Servers can be assigned dedicated IPs. However before we go into how to do this, what reason do you want/need a separate IP address? Most services can do what is commonly known as name based hosting meaning the same IP can be used for multiple domains across most services.

So, this means that i can use the same IP for multiple domains ? Then there is no need to add IP`s for multiple domains … that was my concern. Thanks for your response.


That’s right, rarely do you actually require additional IPs for basic hosting needs.

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